You Can Get A Custom Painted Planter That Looks Just Like Your Pet’s Face

Looking for a way to subtly let others know just how much you love your pet? You can get a custom painted planter of your pet’s face. Nothing says crazy cat/dog owner quite like a customized planter. But at the same time, how could you not want to buy one?

The custom painted planter is available through the Meow 3D Online Shop on Etsy. All planters come in three different sizes and prices: standard for $119.95, large for $139.95, and mega for $199.

The process is simple: just send pictures of your cat or dog through an Etsy message or an email to [email protected] While most of the requests are for cats or dogs, the Etsy shop will happily do any kind of animal commission, so if you have a small animal or a an exotic pet, you can rest assured they’ll be covered.

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