13 Dogs & 17 Cats Set To Be Put Down, Shelter Beyond Capacity Seeks Help

17 cats and 13 dogs from Glades County Animal Control are set to be put down within a week. This has happened because the shelter is running over capacity and these furry angels have had no takers for a long time.

While the shelter has reached out to other shelters for some assistance, they are hoping that the public would step in and rescue some of these animals.

The shelter has pleaded anyone willing to help pull out these animals from the kill list to call them at (863) 946-0771 or (863) 885-4376. They have also asked everyone to at least share the plight of these poor pets who are at an extreme risk of being euthanized, so that they can find homes.

These unwanted pets have dodged the kill-list for now, but they will still need forever homes. Our hearts are broken at the helplessness of these pets. Each one of them deserves a loving home. Let’s get the word out and help potential adopters find them soon.

Update: After seeing the shelter’s post, SPCA Brevard County Animal Adoption Center has stepped in to rescue these animals from the kill-list. The cats and dogs are now waiting to be transported to the new shelter. Two of the dogs have also found homes!