Lonely Puppy With Chemical Burns And Brain Swelling Fights So Hard To Stay Alive

A newborn puppy (that barely looked like a puppy!) was found abandoned from the litter. She was all by herself, gravely injured. A couple who has outdoor dogs surrendered her and Kathryn Hartwig took her in. The puppy was suffering from what appeared to be chemical burns. Ants were ravaging her tiny body. Kathryn named the tiny fighter ‘Parker.’  

The burns on Parker’s face were badly infected. She had swelling on her brain from her injuries. What exactly happened wasn’t certain but she had definitely been through quite a trauma.


Kathryn decided to do all she could to save her. The medical team administered an IV catheter through her jugular vein. Parker could now have pain medication and antibiotics that would go straight into her system. This would help her tremendously!


The tiny puppy also had a feeding tube placed. Parker had to eat every few hours. Such a tiny thing had a lot of growing to do, especially to increase her strength.


Parker has to have daily bandage changes and wound care. She continues to fight so hard to live. You can see that the burn on her face is healing. It’s amazing what good medical care can do. Especially when good medical care is coupled with lots of love and affection. Kathryn, you are amazing!

As Parker gets stronger, she can take in more food using a bottle. Her appetite is getting better by the day! Of course, that’s an excellent sign!

Parker continues to heal. She’s not out of the woods yet but her foster mom isn’t giving up on her. We pray for her speedy recovery. Maybe you can send her some healing hugs too?


Thank you, Kathryn. You are an amazing foster mom! Parker is so lucky to have you!